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You aren’t just looking for a Courier Company. You are in search for a Logistical ally, that can appear, whenever you need us, we’ll be there.

We are a Door to Door courier company, operating in the Pretoria Area.

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Our Story

It All Began Here...

Since our founding in 2021, we have built a reputation amongst the Courier service industry in Pretoria.

We are striving to create a locally based, door to door courier company that ensures Fantastic service, with a smile.


Real People

We serve with pride and dignity.

Everyone on our team plays a common crucial role.

We communicate.

We will guide you from step one of the process. You’ve got this!

Cornel CTA

Our Goals

We Launched

Through the efforts of a well coordinated team, Courier Fantastic has risen to meet the challenge to provide a stronger sense of service, provided with a Fantastic smile.

We understand that partnering with you demands a complete understanding and alignment with your logistical needs.

Licence Card Collections

We're Expanding

With your support, this Fantastic empire can continue to expand, delivering smiles, and your parcel of course.

We are looking to partner with various companies, in order to assist with their logistical requirements. 

We serve with deadly efficiency and fantastic service day or night.

This is why we stand out.


Dedicated Logistics Network

Our service delivery team all have dedicated roles, that play a key part in the synchronization of the Fantastic workforce, a service with a smile, worth striving for.

We want to hear your ideas, allow us to bring your logistical goals to life, we have your back.

Dedicated Security & Privacy

Our vehicles are equipped with the best Tracking Software, Remote Monitoring Systems and Fortification.

We care about your Privacy. Your package will be sealed upon arrival, and sealed upon delivery.

Make the FANTASTIC choice!

Our Services

Door To Door Transport & Distribution

We cover the delivery and distribution of everything and anything from parcels to animals. Whatever it is, we’ll pick your package up, and deliver it right to the door.

Emergency Deliveries

Our drivers are immediately deployed to your location. Trust us to rush your documents to the recipient. Additional fees apply to Emergency Deliveries,

Documentation, Parcel & Custom Requests

We are looking to partner with various companies, in order to assist their logistical ideas. Contact us today to get a custom logistics quotation that fits your vision.

Licence card collections

Battling to get your renewed card?

Let us take the tedious process out of your hands!

We keep an eye on the progress of your new card, we then collect the card on your behalf and deliver it directly to your door,

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Looking for a custom quotation? 

Give us a call, send us a mail or fill in our custom quotation form today!

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