Battling to get your renewed card?

Let us take the tedious process out of your hands!

We physically check on the status of your card, we then collect the card on your behalf and deliver it directly to your door. Our delivery runs take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If your card is not present, we will check in every week!


We will require an affidavit, which we provide below. It must be stamped and approved by an Oaths Commissioner, along with a certified copy of your ID.


We will collect and deliver your passport!

We cannot however issue this service to those collecting their passports for the first time. We also cannot assist any clients who apply through Edenvale Home Affairs.

Terms and conditions

1. We do not have control over how long the licence card is in production, you will be notified and we will collect it as soon as it exists production and is enroute to the DLTC (Drivers Licence Testing Center) 

2. We do not provide any services until after payment.

3. We are not affiliated with the card production/issuing. Therefore we can’t be held liable for incorrect details captured on the physical card, as this is completely out of our control.

4. We are not affiliated with NATIS, therefore upon status feedback, the status might be inaccurate.

5. Please note that we need the required documents within 3 weeks of the application. If you require any specific help regarding the form, you can contact us.

6. Rendering our service becomes impossible if we do not have the required documents.

7. Due to weekly follow-ups on card production statuses, we will charge a 50% cancellation fee, if you as the client, terminate the service contract and collect the card yourself.

8. Delivery is FREE within the Gauteng region, delivery fee beyond the borders of Gauteng. Abroad delivery requests can be facilitated.

9. You are required to download and sign our affidavit form, as-well as get it stamped, along with a certified copy of your ID, by a Commissioner of Oath. Once we have your stamped affidavit, we can then render our service as quickly as possible. 

Licence Card Collections

Affidavit to be filled in, signed and certified

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Simply fill out our form below and we’ll collect your licence card as soon as it is ready and delivery it to your door.

Licence card collection form

If your card is being rendered at Eco Park DLTC, we unfortunately cannot render this service.
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